We could say the same as everyone else here. That we offer you great service, great products all at a reasonable price. Which of course is true! But we offer more. Oh we offer so much more.

Doogz Chalmers (that's me) is a fully qualified designer because of this we can offer great original designs. Also we can help you bring your ideas to life in print form. So maybe you've had an idea for a design to go on a T-shirt. can't sketch or get it down on paper. No problem tell us your idea and Doogz will design it. 

We also have a variety of print methods.

Heat Sealed Vinyl:

This is where your design is printed onto or cut from a vinyl product, which is then sealed onto your product with heat. This process can be used on most products T-shirts, hoodies, bags, caps, workwear. Like I said this can work on pretty much anything and works best as a single colour print.

Dye Sublimation:

This process is my favourite. It's like magic, no infact it is magic (alright it's not but it is to me). Basically this allows for your design to be full colour, with gradients, shades and tones. We print it on paper, use heat to turn it into gas and this is then absorbed by the product. Whether it be a T-shirt, mug, stainless steel photo plaque this process give a great finished effect. When I say absorbed, it is like a tattoo, the colour and design all go into that product and can't be felt by touch it becomes part of the product. Like I say, Magic!


Most of you will know what this process is but just in case I'll give a quick recap. This is where your design is stitched into the garment. This process is best for clothing, bags and products of a fabric nature. 

So as you will see, we have a print process to suit pretty much most requirements. A designer who is not only educated in this field but has years of real life working practice. Oh and yeah we offer great products, great service all at fair prices.