How to raise club funds

How to raise club funds

How to raise club funds?

I've personally been involved in various groups. Whether it was martial arts clubs, football teams or student projects back at uni. The commonality with all these groups and the question that always came up was. How to raise club funds?

Personalised T-Shirts- Three types of personalised T shirt

Personalised T-Shirts- Three types of personalised T shirt

We produce personalised T-shirts. They're cool, right? Well, we think so and we've been designing and making them for you for a good few years now. If you don't already then you should definitely buy one.

What size clothing should I buy?

What size clothing should I buy?

A common question I hear is "What size clothing should I buy?" The simple answer is the size that fits. That could be a mine field though especially when you buy online and you can't try the item on first. So let me share three things to think about when measuring up for clothing.

The benefits of branded clothing

The benefits of branded clothing

Why branded clothing?

It's all very well me sitting here saying you should get your workwear for you and your staff branded, after all branded clothing is what we sell here at Print Outside The box. So rather than push something on you (cause no one likes a pushy sales person) I'll share with you some of the benefits. Then you can decided if it's for you or not.

Garment Care Print Outside The Box

Getting the best from your clothing

How do you get the best from your clothing? 

Well if your like me you'll wear it loads because you like what you've purchased so much (or your making sure you get your monies worth). That does also mean though that you have got to wash it a lot more. Or at least I hope it does.

Print outside the box branded clothing

Are you missing an advertising opportunity

Where do you advertise?

Is it the usual mail drops, online directories and social media channels? Oh and you probably have a website as well. Right? Well I am gonna share a potential avenue for advertising which you may not have thought of yet. And why I explain why it's a good idea you'll be like "why am I not already doing that"

Planning t-shirts for your event?

Are you organising an event, such as a charity event, a work’s night out or a hen do?

Do you have a message to get out there?

Would you like to look the part with matching t-shirts?

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A seed of an idea...

Take a seed of an idea, add a heap of enthusiasm and a list of endless possibilities, throw a bottle of wine into the mix and here you have it...