What is a performance top?

What is a performance top?

What is a Performance top? 

I mean how can a top perform? Well, you could argue that a top would perform by doing the job it's meant for. But then our opinion is all tops that we sell should do this. This name performance top is something the manufacturers of garments seem to be pushing as are the big sports brands. That's because ultimately performance tops relate to sports wear and sports clothing. It was most likely a marketing thing, giving the idea that wearing these clothing items would allow you to perform, not the clothing. Make sense? Kind of?

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But everything seems to be a performance top these days?

True. A lot of items are now branded or classed as performance tops. Even though they are not directly geared toward the sports sector. It's our belief that workers and people performing manual labour also found these fabrics comfortable to wear whilst working. As such ranges of garments have been developed that aren't skin tight and look like you're about to cycle the tour de France. After all who wants to go landscaping in skin tight performance wear.

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So what is it that makes a performance top?

The main factor in performance tops is the breathability and weight. Wicking fabric or breathable is a term you'll here used often. Basically, the tops allow air to flow in and out letting your body breathe a bit easier than if wearing a cotton top. They also tend to be lighter in weight, this combination of air flow and weight also allows the garment to try a bit quicker than a traditional cotton t-shirt. So if you do get a sweat on you're not walking about soaking all day. This is why the manufacturers pushed the name out. 

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What's available? 

Well the sky's your limit really, you get pretty much everything, tight fit, loose fit, seems, no seems, polo shirt style, t shirt, 1/4 zipped necks, long sleeves, short sleeves, florescent colours, plain colours, team colours you get the gist. But if you're a manual worker who wants a bit of flex, comfort, and breathability in your workwear, then you probably don't want fluro tight fitting tops and you would probably be best picking something from the range of T shirts, Polo shirts, or even vests if the weather permits. 

So if you think you'd benefit from something a bit more breathable and flexible whilst working. Well, now you know that you should be looking for a performance style T-shirt or Polo shirt. If you need any help get in touch here.