How much does it cost to get a T-shirt printed?

How much does it cost to get a T-shirt printed?

You want to get some T-shirts printed but have no idea how much it costs right?

In this blog post I will have helped you better understand how much it costs to get a T-shirt printed. The quick answer is "it depends" but that doesn't really help you does it? I could give a range of £6 to £35 but again this could be misleading. As you think "great I'll get a t-shirt printed for £6". When actually once you explain to your supplier what you need it costs 5 times that. 

There are various factors that influence the price of getting a T-shirt printed. Some drive the price up and some bring the price down. Below are the main ones which hopefully give you a better understanding of how much it will cost you.

The T-shirt itself

I'm sure you know just from shopping on the high street. That there are all kinds of of T-shirts. Different styles, different brands, different fits and they all serve a different purpose. As such this is a big factor in the price. A t-shirt for sport, such as performance T-shirt like the Underarmour or Nike dri-Fit range, that are light weight, keep you warm but also help you stay cool and dry quick when wet is for a specific purpose. These T-shirts are therefore generally more expensive than say a run of the mill lightweight 100% cotton T-shirt, the type you would get from Primark or ASDA. A specialised T-shirt is more expensive than a bog standard t-shirt. So the type of T-shirt you pick is the first factor that will influence how much it will cost to get a t-shirts printed.

The number required

The number required will impact how much it costs. Just like in the supermarkets, a 24 pack of Coke works out cheaper per can than buying a single can. T-shirt printing is the same in most cases. This isn't always the case. But most suppliers will offer a bulk discount or have some bundle offer where buying 20 t-shirts works out cheaper than buying 1.

The print method

Printing technology has change over the years and there are different ways of getting your design onto the T-shirt. Some methods work best for big runs (50 plus T-shirts). Others are better for smaller runs (less than 20) and some lend themselves better to certain designs. So using the appropriate print method can play a role in cost, if you use a method for big runs on a single T-shirt it is going to cost a lot more as it's not the right tool for the job. It would be like washing your car with bottled water rather than a hose pipe. Also not all print is print.  Sometimes you just want your t-shirt or garment decorated with a logo and refer to it as print. When really it is embroidery (a stitched design), so the different print methods also influence the cost.

The design

There are 6 main areas where a t-shirt is printed. Large across the front or large across the back. The left breast area, the right breast area, the left sleeve or the right sleeve. There may be other areas you require print but for the purpose of this explanation this should suffice. A chest or a sleeve print is usually small with a print area around 100mm x 100mm, compared to a front or back print which can be as big as 300mm x 300mm. As you can see it's a lot bigger so will require more time and materials, therefore the bigger the print the more it will cost, also if you want your t-shirt printed in more than one position say a left breast and across the back then it is going to cost more than just a left breast print.

T-shirt printing questions

How much does it cost to get a T-shirt printed?

Well as you can see there are lots of factors that can effect the price and your probably thinking I still don't have an answer. Let me try and give you the best ball park figure possible. 

The most common option for a printed T-shirt is a standard, entry level cotton T-shirt printed on the front left breast area. This would cost approximately £10-£15 depending on the supplier. 

If you want a lot of them you might get it cheaper, if you want a better quality T-shirt or want it printed in multiple locations it will cost you more. As a guide I would suggest £10 to £15 is a safe estimate for your budget.