What size clothing should I buy?

What size clothing should I buy?

What size clothing should I buy?

The simple answer to the question what size clothing should I buy? Is, the size that fits. That could be a mine field though especially when you buy online and you can't try the item on first. So let me share three things to think about when measuring up for clothing.

One: Measure yourself 

If you measure yourself and have a good idea of your own dimensions then knowing what size to buy will be easier. Now when I say measure yourself you don't need to go all out like you are being measured for a tailored suit. Simply get these measurements:

  • Chest size (that's size all the way round your body at chest not bra size ladies)
  • Body length is from the shoulder to the waist
  • Waist size all the way around your body at the top of your hips
  • Leg length is from to of hip (where you measure waist) to below ankle joint

Two: Use actual sizing

What does this mean in terms of what size should you buy. Your probably sitting thinking I'm a medium or a size 8. These are not actual measurements. You wouldn't say the tree in your garden is five mediums tall would you? Actual measurements are in either inches or cm. 

So when looking at sizing search out the actual sizes. Most online retailers do have this information available. For example it may say something like this 

S 36" M 40" L 44" XL 48" 2XL 52"

The size in inches is usually chest size. That is the size measured all the way around your body at the chest. Not the chest one side to the other. The other thing to note here is the missing inbetween sizes. If you are an inbetweener then you have a call to make, do you want it baggier or tighter? If in doubt drop the retailer a quick message to ask for sizes.

Three: Be honest with yourself

This is the most important part and we are all guilty of it, men as well as women. We are all so caught up in commercial sizing "Oh I'm a size 8" "I'm a medium" etc etc. Different manufacturers sizes vary slightly. If you are on the cusp of a size and the clothing is made small, then guess what? You are going up a size your now a 14 instead of a 12. 

Now it is only due to society that we feel ashamed to be going up a size. But listen don't worry about it, it doesn't mean you are getting bigger. It could simply mean it's a smaller make of clothing. Plus you've got to feel comfortable there is no pint wearing something that is a size to small and constantly readjusting it. 

I have so many women say they are one size and end up requiring two sizes bigger. These tops are a lot neater in fit and if you are blessed with a fuller bust then your usual size is unlikely going to fit. What is even worse is they are usually labelled small, medium, large etc. Can you imagine asking for a medium and ending up needing an extra large...

Go with your own measurements, know your actual size and compare that to the garment. Don't get caught up in commercial sizing. 

A quick recap on what size should you buy

  • Know your own measurements
  • Use actual sizes as a guide
  • Be honest with yourself

Hope you enjoyed any questions drop us a message.