Are you missing an advertising opportunity?

Are you missing an advertising opportunity?

Where do you advertise?

Are you missing an advertising opportunity? Is it the usual mail drops, online directories and social media channels? Oh and you probably have a website as well. Right? Well I am gonna share a potential avenue for advertising which you may not have thought of yet. And when I explain why it's a good idea you'll be like "why am I not already doing that"

So what is this opportunity?

Well if your reading this then no doubt you now know what we do here. We personalise and print clothing. So you've guessed it, that opportunity is branded clothing. Now your maybe thinking that's just uniforms, that's not an opportunity. Well wait, listen to what I have to say first. 

Yes a branded uniform is great for many reasons. Such as solidifying your brand, creating a team ethos and just making your business look more professional. But that's not it. The opportunity is behind you, literally behind you. You need to advertise on your back.

Why advertise here?

Well lets think about it for a minute. Lets look at football 11 players in a team all with a number on their back. Why? Well so you know or can easily reference who they are. Originally numbers were positions, now they tend to be squad numbers. Regardless having a big number on their back lets you know who they are.

Now this might not work for all businesses, but in my opinion it should be a must for trades people. Picture this your cleaning windows, putting up a conservatory, building a wall, cutting down trees or laying a driveway. How many people pass you by whilst your at work? You probably don't know because you have your back to them. But they notice you, especially if you are doing something they need done themselves.

Be remembered easily

So for all these people that are passing you, that are potential customers, make it easy for them to know who you are. Stick your number on your back. Now I don't mean a big number 4, it's metaphorical. But stick your logo, company name, website address, contact number out there. Utilise what you already have to maximise your brand awareness. 

So are you missing an advertising opportunity?

Well if you are not advertising on the back of your clothing you proIably are. If you want to quickly find out how much it will cost to get your team branded use our online caculator for a quick quote.