Three benefits of branded clothing

Three benefits of branded clothing

Why branded clothing?

It's all very well me sitting here saying you should get your workwear for you and your staff branded, after all branded clothing is what we sell here at Print Outside The box. So rather than push something on you (cause no one likes a pushy sales person) I'll share three benefits of branded clothing. Then you can decided if it's for you or not.

Three things

In true Print Outside The Box I'm keeping it simple and only sharing three things. After all three is the magic number, 3 bears, 3 blind mice and 3 little pigs.

Benefit One: creates a good impression

It just makes you look good. When I say I good I don't mean you look bad just now, but having your clothing branded creates a professional image, and whether it is right or wrong society judges based on image.

So by being dressed and branded you look more professional which can attract more customers. Also as you are easily identifiable then you are more approachable to your customers, which helps customer relations.

Benefit Two: A more unified team

If you and your team are wearing the same branded clothing/uniform then this creates a sense of belonging and helps build a team spirit. This can increase productivity as it can instil a sense of pride and responsibility. What this can do is convert employees into “brand ambassadors” promoting your business when not even at work.

It's also benefit to staff as it saves them money on clothing for work so your staff feel like your giving them something extra with their job.

Benefit Three: Free advertising

I've touch on this before in a previous article. It's free advertising. If you and your staff are all wearing branded clothing your advertising your business. You become a walking advert for your business. Now, you have to ensure you stay on brand, same colours, same logo etc or you send a mixed message. But ultimately everyone in you business becomes a free piece of marketing material. 

    In Summary

    So to summarise the three benefits of branded clothing are. Branded clothing helps your business by creating a professional image, building team spirit and providing free advertising. Hopefully this has helped give you some insight into the benefits and should you have any questions please get in touch.